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Board Member Profile: Scott Roehl

board member profile

Scott Roehl - Chair of the Board

How long have you been a YA member?

I believe I joined YA back in the fall of 2007 through a reduced membership fee for Asper students in their final year of school.

What made you decide to become a Member in the first place?

I was fortunate to have met a few YA Members at events while completing my bachelor of commerce degree. It was through these interactions that planted the seeds for me to learn more about what YA offered and subsequently my decision to join.

What’s made you continue your membership for so long?

Most importantly, it is the diverse group of people in YA that I appreciate interacting with. Membership has its privileges and over the years there have also been some very unique experiences I was fortunate to participate in which I don't believe I would have got otherwise.

Marketing and Communications at CPA Manitoba sounds very interesting, what’s your favourite part of your job?

Can I cheat and say two things? Absolutely the first favourite part is the great group of colleagues I get to work with. Second part is the variety of work that I am involved in. There is never a dull day.

Has your role with the YA assisted you in finding your career, and if so, in what way?

While YA hasn't directly assisted me in finding a path so far in my career, I certainly credit the organization for playing an important role in my personal and professional development. I can honestly say that YA has helped me to become a better networker and I've had amazing opportunities to learn more about leadership which will hopefully aid me as I continue forward in my career.

If you could say one thing to an individual considering membership in the YA, what would it be?

Join and get involved!